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Our solution delivers more profit and emissions reductions.

NULIFE delivers a sustainable, renewable fuels catalyst that provides an environmental competitive advantage while matching market performance and price. Our catalyst is currently being pilot tested in a North American industry leaders hydrotreater.

NULIFE’s solution is a 2nd generation, non-sulfided sustainable catalyst that effectives removes renewable fuels largest impurity, oxygen! Our product replaces one of the existing catalysts already used in commercial hydrotreater units - therefore simplifying adoption. 

NULIFE uses diverted landfill waste to create our proprietary carbon carrier which emits up to 95% less GHG emissions when compared to traditional hydrotreating carriers (mined y-alumina). Our solution is created with 78% less mined materials vs traditional hydrotreating catalysts and uses no rare earth metals or exotic materials. 


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Delivering value, 1 ton at a time.

  • NULIFE delivers a drop in solution sold at industry standard rates. 

  • A more active catalyst can deliver more profit and emissions reduction to a fuel producer 

  • Activity when combined with stability can result in lower start of run temperatures which is incredibly valuable to a refiner. 

  • Removing the need for sulfide reduces costs while improving safety and environmental performance 

  • NULIFE’s patent pending carbon carrier can be used for additional catalysts and applications  

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