Waste Solutions, Reimagined

Solving wet waste challenges one ton at a time

Unlocking the future of wet waste management

Let us solve your industrial waste challenges.
Our patented technology can efficiently handle a wide range of difficult-to-handle waste streams, including agricultural residuals, pulp and paper waste, and sewage sludge.

Progressive waste solutions

NULIFE is redefining the carbon footprint of wet waste disposal, and solving your waste challenges one ton at a time.
Through our cutting-edge process, we tackle two major challenges simultaneously: waste diversion from landfills and other destinations, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions without charging a green premium. Work with us in creating a sustainable future by harnessing the power of your waste. Together, we can make a lasting difference.

Providing sustainable solutions to industry leading companies who desire to reduce their carbon footprint

Reduce Waste

NULIFE  effectively diverts industrial wet wastes from landfills and other destinations and redirects them to our advanced facility.

Reduce Cost

NULIFE reduces disposal costs, and requires no capex investment from our customer.

Our Process

Wet waste is fed through NULIFE’s HTL technology, creating renewable biocrude oil, and biochar. Both provide versatile material benefits and contribute positively to the environment.

Reduce Emissions

Our patented process reduces greenhouse gas emissions, addresses and removes PFAS, and contributes to a circular economy.

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