NULIFE GreenTech accelerates renewable fuels production to deliver a profitable, low carbon future. Since 2016, NULIFE GreenTech has been a trailblazer in the development of clean technologies that utilize landfill diverted waste to accelerate the production of low carbon energy products for the renewable fuels market.  

Founders Brock Eidem and Jerry Kristian, both respected entrepreneurs in the transportation logistics technology and food and beverage industries, were exposed to the challenges with waste and fuel pollution as they built and scaled their companies. After success exits, a desire to contribute to a greener future for their young kids prompted them to identify opportunities in the waste sector that would help solve  the pain points each experienced in their previous industries. 

After conducting significant research and customer discovery, the key step to fighting climate change pointed towards renewable fuels and uncovered the main challenges this industry faced – supply constraints, overflowing landfills, and increasing Low Carbon Intensity (CI) mandates.  

NULIFE is committed to supporting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of our planet today and tomorrow.