Why NULIFE GreenTech?

What We Do

Our patented Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) technology can efficiently handle a wide range of difficult-to-handle waste streams, including agricultural residues, food manufacturing waste, and sewage sludge. 

Industry Challenges

Over 290,000,000 tons of high moisture industrial waste is produced annually in North America across multiple industries​

Current disposal methods are becoming more expensive and facing regulatory bans and penalties

Contamination of this waste with PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ is an escalating crisis

Industry Impact

NULIFE’s tech is built around the markets demand for more cost-efficient and sustainable waste solutions

Cost of disposal of sewage sludge
Expected size of biofuels market in 2030
Voluntary Carbon Offset Market 2023
PFAS Treatment
Let's do the math.
It costs North America close to $10B per year to dispose of biosolids (66M tons/year), not to mention the other 250M tons of organics that require disposal. NULIFE’s technology could produce 1.7B gallons of Renewable Fuels worth $22B from these biosolids.
Is HTL an efficient pathway?
Both NWRA and SWANA have estimated the national costs to remove PFAS from landfill leachate are at least $966 million per year​
(National Waste & Recycling Assoc​, Solid Waste Assoc of North America)
Case Study: NY State
New York State produces 1.8 million tons of sewage sludge annually, 68% goes to landfills. NULIFE would transform this ‘landfilled waste’ into an asset to power New York State’s transition to a low carbon economy. Located close to the source, NULIFE would reduce disposal costs, transportation, and up to 2,161,000 CO2e GHG emissions while leaving 762,000 barrels of fossil crude oil in the ground.
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Addressing PFAS

Unlocking the future of wet waste treatment.

NULIFE’s process achieves 95% PFAS removal, with no detectable PFOS and PFOA in the output water.

$3.9B USD is spent each year treating PFAS, as regulations and landspreading bands increase to tackle the PFAS crisis and it’s harmful effects on our population.

NULIFE’s technology is modular and scalable

NULIFE’s technology is modular and scalable, allowing us to locate close to waste source. This reduces transportation and capital costs for our customers. Our practical and profitable solution is solving waste challenges, one ton at a time. 


let's revolutionize waste management and build a greener tomorrow, together