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This new complex is expected to produce more than 1 billion litres per year of renewable diesel from locally sourced and grown feedstocks. The project is expected to realize about 3 million tonnes per year in emissions reductions in the Canadian transportation sector.

After careful analysis of the work True North has completed with regard to biofuel production, FCL felt that the acquisition of True North’s current assets would supplement the work FCL has already completed and give the company a strategic and competitive advantage in our pursuit of sustainable solutions.

Canada has joined the United States, United Kingdom and 21 other countries in a historic deal to stop new direct public finance for coal, oil and gas development by the end of 2022 and shift investment to renewable energy.

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NULIFE GreenTech is 1 of only 6 companies selected from over 750 global applicants for Repsol Foundation (Spain) Entrepreneurs Fund, and 1 of 9 for the Canadian Trade Commission’s ClimaTech 



Three of the oil industry’s biggest names attempted to face down activist shareholders and the courts, but were pushed by both on Wednesday to do more to limit their carbon emissions.


But one part of Valero’s business is accelerating, and it could point the way toward a more profitable future for refiners even as the world begins to transition away from oil.

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Sustainable Aviation Fuel Act establishes LCFS for aviation fuel.


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There aren’t many growth stories in the oil industry as demand starts to decline and the price of gasoline and diesel stagnate, but an emerging specialist sector is starting to attract serious attention; renewable diesel.

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Nn Nov. 18 the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Act, a bill that aims to incentivize the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and help the aviation sector reduce carbon emissions was introduced.