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NOVEMBER 25, 2020

New state-level low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) programs and Canada's proposed Clean Fuel Standard will grow the market for renewable diesel and create demand centers out of California.


NOVEMBER 5, 2020

But one part of Valero’s business is accelerating, and it could point the way toward a more profitable future for refiners even as the world begins to transition away from oil.

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NOVEMBER 25 , 2020

Nn Nov. 18 the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Act, a bill that aims to incentivize the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and help the aviation sector reduce carbon emissions was introduced.


OCTOBER 1, 2020

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OCTOBER 2, 2020

There aren’t many growth stories in the oil industry as demand starts to decline and the price of gasoline and diesel stagnate, but an emerging specialist sector is starting to attract serious attention; renewable diesel.

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OCTOBER 3, 2020

The Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator, hosted by VertueLab in Portland and CleanTech Alliance in Seattle, has announced its annual awards to the startups that participated in the accelerator's 2020 cohort.

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