Waste-to-biofuel companies thrive in partnerships with industries that generate significant amounts of organic waste. We’re seeking industrial waste generators, in sectors such as agriculture, food processing, forestry, municipal solid waste management, and wastewater treatment offer abundant feedstock sources for biofuel production. By transforming these waste streams into valuable biofuels, these industries can enhance sustainability, reduce waste disposal costs, and contribute to a circular economy.


Our waste-to-biofuel solutions cater to a wide range of industries seeking sustainable alternatives. From agriculture and food processing to forestry and wastewater treatment, we transform organic waste into valuable biofuels. Partner with us to achieve environmental goals, reduce waste disposal costs, and drive the transition towards a greener future.
In Canada, on-farm fossil fuel use is responsible for 14 Million Tonnes of CO2e per year


Biosolids are nutrient-rich organic materials derived from the treatment of wastewater. At NULIFE Green Tech, we recognize the potential of biosolids as a valuable resource. Our innovative technology transforms biosolids into renewable fuels, reducing disposal costs and providing a sustainable alternative. Join us in unlocking the full potentialof biosolids for a greener future.