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Meet The Team

Brock Eidem


  • 20+ year entrepreneur​

  • Multiple start-ups & exits​

  • Successfully built, scaled, and sold QA Technologies, which managed fleets for multi-billion dollar companies such as Frito-Lay. They managed over 30,000 semi-trailer loads per month for Purolator. It was merged with ChoiceTel and then sold to a publicly traded company, Telefone, in 2013.

Jerry Kristian


  • 25+ year entrepreneur​

  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Finance Major ​

  • Started and grew his own small restaurant chain, Jerry’s Food Emporium; became vertically integrated by adding a full production center that supplied wholesale products to other restaurants, hotels and grocery chains including Loblaws, Safeway and Federated coop. Multiple locations in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Sold and exited in 2016. ​

  • Director of a public company since 2002

Kieran Lewko

Project Manager

  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree​

  • Employed with NULIFE since 2016​

  • Coordinates with NULIFE’s team of advisors and third party collaborators to develop and implement our HTL technology development roadmap while achieving key performance indicators (KPIs). ​

  • Experienced in operating NULIFE’s continuous flow HTL system as well as performing customer discovery with the complete HTL supply chain

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James Doe

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  • B.Comm, PMP

  • Built and managed technology incubators in Manitoba & Saskatchewan since 2014, including CEO Manitoba, North Forge Technology Exchange, and Co.Labs​

  • Experienced in commercializing startup companies in the SaaS, Clean Tech, Advanced Manufacturing and AgTech industries​

  • Public and private fundraising expertise for pre-seed/seed stage companies

Mark Pavlakovich, P. Eng

Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Masters in Chemical Engineering ​

  • Significant experience in catalysis, analytics, hydrothermal liquefaction, renewable crude upgrading, and renewable based lubricating oils.​

  • Michael has written approved government applications that have generated over $1.6M in non-dilutive research funding over the past 4 years. Michael also has authored several peer-reviewed articles on renewable fuels and has spoken at numerous conferences in the past.

  • PhD Chemical Engineering​

  • Philip Boahene has 7 years of Research & Development (R & D) experience in material syntheses, advanced characterizations, and applications of designed Nanomaterials for Clean Transportation Fuels and Chemicals Production​

  • Four years of Research & Development experience in heavy oil upgrading (hydro-processing, hydrocracking, oxidative desulfurization) reaction kinetics and catalysis.

Alison Lea

Project Manager

Michael Qui, P. Eng

Lead Engineer

Phillip Boahene, PhD


  • Mark is a capital, maintenance & replacement project leader with 20+ years of continuous experience in mine construction, c/w operations. All included necessary business development, integrated project controls, technical design/analysis, effective communication/team-building, and cross cultural bridging. Work experiences include: $1B+ projects thru to $2M- mechanical, process, civil/ structural engineering, project management and construction execution/supervision. Mark’s experience includes new and first-of-kind facility final design and commissioning. 

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