Proprietary Technology Platform

Innovative Breakthrough Technology

Taking in carbonaceous waste streams, including agricultural waste, biosolids, MSW and IC&I waste,  NULIFE GreenTech uses their proprietary and patented technology platform based on Hydrothermal Liquifaction (HTL), to produce bio-crude oil which is environmentally green and black in colour, similar to its fossil crude equivalent.
Muradel SCWR

Key Attributes:

  1. Efficient energy and pressure recovery
  2. Continuous process
  3. Processes high moisture waste
  4. Output water is sterile, disinfected, and is reused

The feedstocks do not compete with the food chain and consumes no water.  NULIFE GreenTech’s efficient, closed-loop process recycles its waste products and produces no hazardous by-products while sanitizing and sterilizing all feedstock.  Our industrial solution is scalable and our bio-crude oil is a replacement of current crude as it is lab certified as similar to traditional crude oil.

How NULIFE GreenTech is your solution:

Step 1. Provide your carbonaceous feedstock such as agricultural waste, MSW and IC&I waste, waste treatment biosolids, algae etc.

Step 2. Concentration (step dependent on feedstock) - NULIFE will prepare and preprocess the feedstock as required into a thick, flowable slurry.

Step 3. Conversion to hydrocarbons - Feedstock is converted in minutes to a mix of hydrocarbons in NULIFE GreenTech's proprietary technology platform via hydrothermal liquefaction. NULIFE GreenTech's patented HTL reactor requires no catalysts, operates continuously, and is energy efficient, cost-effective, durable and feedstock flexible.

Step 4. Extraction - The output of the reactor is an emulsion, from which NULIFE GreenTech extracts the bio-crude oil, renewable biochar and clean water.

Step 5. Fractionation - Using current technology by existing refineries, NULIFE GreenTech's low carbon crude oil can be fractionated into the normal range of finished ‘drop-in’ fuels that are infrastructure- and engine-compatible; requiring no engine modifications.  Our biochar is processed into activated carbon for use as a filtration medium.

The Product: NULIFE’s  bio-crude oil is equivalent to fossil crude

  • NULIFE’s bio derived fuels contains a range of fuel products, from light to heavy hydrocarbons, from napthas through gasoline and diesel to aviation fuel
  • It is compatible with existing oil refining infrastructure and distribution channels
  • It can be blended with fossil crude before fractionation to allow co-processing
  • The refined products, including renewable petrol and renewable diesel, can be used directly as drop-in transport fuels